Our purpose: To inspire brands to involve their audience.

Being who we are defines our culture and values

The Mass Relevance culture is driven by our most valued asset: our people. Shortly after Mass Relevance was founded, the founding team discussed their core values. Two years later, with a full executive team, they took another pulse and things were still aligned. From that, we developed our core values, a list of fundamental principles that reflect our innovation, our work ethic and office culture, our dedication to collaboration and our whimsical charisma.

But we know it’s not just about what we say; in fact, we don’t tend to talk about culture. We talk about who we hire, our values and how we perform. That’s why for every project we work on, every client we communicate with and every organization we partner with, we pledge an outstanding working experience backed by a talented and ambitious team committed to your success. You can get an idea of what we’re all about from this video:

Our 5 Core Values

These values were written nearly two years after the founding of the company. Why is that important? Because the broad perspective reflects a profound (and rare) clarity and alignment as to who we are as a team. Many of the words describing these values are taken directly from employee contributions. The unique words for each value are meant to engage, reflect our personality and describe a deeper meaning into our culture, our personality and our working climate.

Agilispeed: We move quickly. Every person is flexible to change and iteration. We become the best and maintain our lead by executing faster than others. Clients are amazed at our responsiveness and speed of innovation. We act and react with relentless composure.

Awesomeness: We are excited about what we do and how we work. Each of us has passion, experience and creativity. Everything we do stands out: our products, our code, our design, our service, our sales, our marketing, our work-life experience. We want innovation to mean more than just a good idea, but a good idea that makes a difference. Iterating is the pursuit of awesomeness. If we let something slide that was un-awesome, we couldn’t sleep that night.

Freesponsibility: We hire great people so all team members have confidence you will do what you say. We give people the freedom and flexibility to get to the finish line in their own way, to be entrepreneurs, to drive ideas forward and to truly be stakeholders. We aren’t watching the clock because we are having fun and we love what we do. Everyone has the opportunity (and is expected) to think outside their role.

Teamswork: We’re one team. At the same time, we’re many teams. It takes many talents and diverse voices to make a company great. We depend on you to make the whole thing work. We’re reminded to hold each other up and help each other out. We respect each other’s responsibilities and we value individual capabilities. Our diverse thinking solves problems and creates better ideas. We move in one direction for a good that benefits all.

Transopency: Trust makes people do great things. We can’t help but to share what’s on our minds. We turn to others for advice or guidance. We believe visibility creates ownership to solve problems and seize opportunities. We trust each other to maintain confidences and work through our warts when they become visible. We give clients and teammates honest answers to tough questions. Trust is fragile, and requires each of us to act as adults and spur each other on despite where we fail as humans.